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Irrigating A Better Way

For years I wanted to grow fruits and veggies in my own yard. Unfortunately, every single time I would plant some seeds, they would fail before they ever took off. It was frustrating, but I simply figured I didn't know enough about gardening to make things work. I was right. After reading a book about garden equipment, I could tell that my irrigation techniques were lacking. Some of my garden wasn't getting enough water, and some of it was getting way too much. This blog is all about watering your garden so that you can maximize your results and improve your supply.


Irrigating A Better Way

3 Questions To Ask Before You Invest In A Snowthrower

Raymond Smith

Along with the winter season comes that snowfall you dread every year, and even though you're no stranger to shoveling snow, this doesn't mean you enjoy the task. The fact of the matter is, shoveling and throwing snow can be a backbreaking task that takes up much of your free time through the snow seasons. You have probably pondered on more than one occasion the idea of investing in a snowthrower. Snowthrowers make clearing sidewalks, driveways, and porches of snow a much easier feat. However, you have to ensure you are getting what you need before you buy a certain model. Check out these questions you need to know the answers to before you buy a snowthrower for your use at home. 

What areas do you commonly clear of snow in the winter?

Are you the homeowner who spends hours shoveling everything from the deck to the driveway or do you mostly just clear the sidewalks and front porch? The thing is, there are several snowthrower models available and each of them have their own capabilities and capacities. While large two-stage snowthrowers do a great job of clearing snow at a rapid pace over large areas, these things can be heavy and hard to maneuver onto steps and porches. If you mainly clear only small areas to get to your vehicle or onto the porch, you may be more suited with a smaller single-stage snowthrower. 

Do you have access to outdoor electricity?

Some snowthrowers are operated by gas much like a lawnmower and others simply plug into a power outlet. Those that use electric power to operate are definitely convenient. Plus, they are smaller and lighter in weight, which makes them easy to use on steps and ion narrow spaces. However, these snowthrowers are not as powerful and having to be constantly connected to a power cord can be a bother if you commonly need to eliminate snow far out in the driveway or otherwise away from the house. 

How far do you need the snow to be thrown?

In some cases, just tossing snow a few feet away will clear enough space for you to get through. For example, if you have a narrow walkway and just need the snow tossed along the sides, a smaller snowthrower will work just fine. However, if you need the snow you pick up with a thrower to be tossed several feet, it is always best to go with a higher grade model. In general, two and three-stage snow throwers have more power to propel snow to longer distances. For more information, talk to a professional like Wagoner Power Equipment.