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Irrigating A Better Way

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Irrigating A Better Way

Six Mistakes To Avoid When Laying Out The Design Of Your Security Lights

Raymond Smith

Strategically placed lighting features around a home can drastically increase security and protect the property and residents. However, you need to put some thought into your lighting system to get back as much as possible from the investment you make in installing it.

The following are six mistakes to avoid for the most effective security lighting system around your home:

Placing lights too close to the ground

It can be tempting to keep security lights low to the ground so that getting at them to maintain them and replace bulbs is easier.

However, placing lights higher up on your building will allow the resulting light to cover a larger swath of space. It will also make lights less accessible to burglars so that burglars can not easily disable them. 

Leaving prominent blind spots that are poorly lit

In order to be effective, security lights need to cover the entire area surrounding a home and yard. Leaving a blind spot here and there will completely undermine your lighting system and make it easier for burglars to work around it. 

Neglecting maintenance once lights are installed

Eventually, your bulbs are going to burn out and electrical components of your lighting system are going to age. Your lighting system is useless to you if it's not working properly when you need it. 

Stay on top of maintenance and regularly inspect your lighting system to look out for any damage or wear and tear. Ideally, you should set out a maintenance and inspection schedule so that you can rest assured that your lighting system is always working. 

Not putting any thought into protecting security lights

Your security lights are also going to be useless to you if it's easy for thieves to damage them and stop them from working. 

You can protect your security lighting system by keeping any wires inaccessible. Wires can run through locked power boxes. It's also possible to use a solar system to resist tampering because a solar system running from roof panels doesn't usually involve low wires that are easy to cut. 

Focusing too much on the front of the home rather than the back yard

A lot of people overlook their back yard because they think it's more important to secure their front yard. In fact, burglars will probably be more likely to target the back of a yard because less attention is generally paid to this area. 

Cover the front, sides, and back of your home for the most effective security lighting. 

Using lights that are too bright

Lights that are too bright will waste money because they'll usually consume more electricity. Also, very bright lights tend to cast sharp shadows and cause glare. 

With security lighting, you just want to make areas that are lit clearly visible. You don't have to shine bright, glaring lights down on them. Contact a lighting company, like Illumination FL Landscape Lighting , for more help.