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Irrigating A Better Way

For years I wanted to grow fruits and veggies in my own yard. Unfortunately, every single time I would plant some seeds, they would fail before they ever took off. It was frustrating, but I simply figured I didn't know enough about gardening to make things work. I was right. After reading a book about garden equipment, I could tell that my irrigation techniques were lacking. Some of my garden wasn't getting enough water, and some of it was getting way too much. This blog is all about watering your garden so that you can maximize your results and improve your supply.


Irrigating A Better Way

3 Ideas To Transform Balding Lawns Into Green, Productive Vegetable Gardens

Raymond Smith

Do you have lawn space with dead grass that you want to do something different with? What if you could turn the lawn into lush, green vegetable gardens that give you something back in return. Transforming an urban lawn into something that looks more like a productive farm than a desert may be easier than you think. Here are some ideas to help you take your dead turf and transform it into a productive vegetable garden:

1. Replacing the Lawn with Low Salad Gardens and Greens  

Salad gardens and greens are a great solution to replace grasses, and they can add a variety of different colors to the landscaping where once barren lawns were planted. Another benefit of salad gardens is that many lettuces and other greens grow quickly and can be harvested in a shorter period than other vegetables. Using green house coverings, you can even harvest some salad greens all year long. These gardens are often low to the surface and can be hard on the back to harvest, but with simple box raised garden kits, you can make caring for plants easier, as well as make solutions like winter greenhouse coverings less invasive and more affordable.

2. Creating A Simple Raised Garden with Timber Boarders and Paths

There are various ways to create raised gardens in your landscaping. One simple way to build a raised garden is to use landscaping timbers to create simple square boxes and paths, which is great if you want to layout a garden plot that is easy to access. Lower garden bed designs are great to integrate vegetable production into attractive landscaping designs. Consider using lower beds for colorful and fragrant plants like herbs and salad greens. Higher raised bed kits are great for vegetable production that needs more constant care.

3. Attractive and Convenient Designs with Raised Garden Bed Kits

If you want to have vegetable gardens that are attractive and have convenient designs, raised flower bed kits are ideal. There are many variations of designs that you can choose from, which can include terraced bed levels, angles and even enclosed vegetable garden areas. Kits come in pre-cut pieces that you just have to fit together and fill with soil to get started gardening, which makes the process of creating raised gardens much easier.

These are some options that you may want to consider transforming your dying lawn into a green and productive vegetable garden. If you need help transforming your landscape, contact a specialized garden materials service for things like raised bed kits and other materials to create and attractive garden in your landscaping. For more information, contact a company like Durable Green Bed