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Irrigating A Better Way

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Irrigating A Better Way

Insight To Help You Order And Arrange For Installation Of A Gravel Driveway

Raymond Smith

When you are building a proper gravel driveway, you need to prepare the foundation, add in the proper layers, and compact it into place. In addition you should order the right type of gravel for your project. Here are some recommendations to help you order gravel for your gravel driveway installation.

Order Proper Gravel Sizes

To install a strong and durable gravel driveway, you don't want to add in a layer of gravel a couple inches thick and think it is going to hold up over weather and moisture. Overtime, your unprepared gravel driveway is going to have weeds and grass grow up through its layers and soon the soil below will make its way up into the surface, making your gravel driveway inefficient. 

A well built gravel driveway needs to be supported with a solid base of large baseball-sized rock in a single layer compacted onto the smoothed and compacted soil. On top of the large gravel you should pour a layer of golf ball-sized gravel that is also compacted to sure its structure. Then the top layer of smaller sized rock can be poured and smoothed, which can be made of any variety of crushed or decorative rock. Within the gravel base layers, a drainage pipe will help remove moisture collection in the lowest areas of your driveway.

Arrange For Delivery

As soon as you have your gravel driveway prepared, then you can arrange for the gravel to get delivered. Keep in mind that because the gravel is coming in different sizes that you will want to have it arrive in the order in which you will need to install it. Your gravel supplier will traditionally deliver the gravel in separate deliveries, depending on how much you need. If your driveway is a large and long area, you may need more than one delivery for the smaller sized top layer gravel rock. 

The largest gravel rock should arrive first at your property, which you can have the delivery driver deposit the rock right onto its installation site. This makes it easier for you to level it over the area because you won't have to use as much effort to move it into position. You can use a Bobcat or other type of mini excavation equipment to move it and spread it around into place.

The second delivery should be the medium sized rock. If you are ready and have already spread and compacted the largest rock, you can have your delivery deposited right onto the existing gravel so you can spread it around, followed by the smallest rock. Or you can arrange for a gravel deposit site next to your driveway's location, so you can add the gravel later on. You may want to have a bit of extra gravel to keep on hand for supplementing your gravel driveway if it gets scattered or thins out over time.

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